Lots & Lots of Steam Trains Galore – Huffing and Puffing


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 Train fans it’s time for Lots & Lots of Big Steam Trains Galore – over 60 minutes of big steam trains in action, real live train sounds, lively music, fun sing-along songs, and an exciting bonus learning video – All About the Caboose. See UP Big Boy, Daylight Express and other steam trains huffing and puffing down the track. Music by James Coffey. You, your children, and grandchildren will love it.

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      Hey everybody, it’s time for “Lots & Lots of Big Steam Trains Galore”.  It’s 60 minutes of big steam train action, real train sounds, lively music, fun sing-along songs, and an exciting bonus video – All About The Caboose”.

You’ll see steam locomotives of all shapes and sizes from all over the country huffing and puffing on down the tracks. There are big trains, little trains, fast trains, slow trains, famous trains, and even trains that you can ride!

You’ll love all the fun sing-along songs and music by famous children’s musician, James Coffey.  There’s the Lots & Lots of Big Steam Trains Galore theme song plus, Big Steam Engine, Roar of the Rails, Let’s Take A  Ride on A Train, All Aboard, and more!

Our camera crews, led by highly recognized train videographer Michael Armstrong and the team at CoasterFan2015, traveled all over the country to bring you the highest quality train video footage imaginable. With no narration to interrupt, it’s just like being right by the tracks, only better!

Watch it today, we guarantee you, your children and grandchildren will love it!